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Reseliva channel manager system
doesn't only simplify the online reservation management!

Reseliva channel manager is the optimal solution for managing your hotel's online distribution channels. Use it to save time, generate revenue and improve your property's image.
Reseliva channel manager a simple solution for hotel online  distribution

Save time with Reseliva channel manager

How do hoteliers waste time managing sales channels?

  • Keeping track of reservations from different channels
  • Managing different booking sites
  • Frequently updating room availability on sales channels
  • Staying on constant alert to prevent overbookings

  • Reseliva channel manager software enables you to efficiently manage all of your online sales on different channels from a single screen, which eliminates the risk of overbooking and other errors.
Earn more with Reseliva channel manager

Earn more with Reseliva channel manager

Reseliva channel manager provides a good return on investment and increases revenue by helping you:

  • sell your rooms on more online booking channels
  • more efficiently manage your inventory so that there are no empty rooms
  • reduce the need for more staff by reducing reservation-related tasks
  • avoid penalty charges for possible overbookings
Improve your corporate image with Reseliva channel manager

Improve your corporate image with Reseliva channel manager

Reseliva channel manager positively affects your property's image by avoiding overbooking, the results of which can be:

  • appearing incompetent to your guests for losing their reservations
  • a conflict situation with your guests
  • guests leaving damaging reviews about your hotel

  • Without Reseliva channel manager, not only do you risk overbooking, but you also face the problem of updating your room prices and availability on all sales channels at the same time. People may see huge price differences on various online travel websites for the same room, which creates an unprofessional image for your hotel.
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