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Reseliva booking engine enables you to do more than increase online hotel reservations!

Reseliva saves you time, generates revenue and improves the image of your hotel.

Save time with Reseliva booking engine!

With Reseliva accommodation booking engine, you and your staff don't need to waste time managing online reservations. Your booking engine enables you to:

  • easily manage room prices and availability,
  • automatically confirm online bookings
  • send a range of automated emails to your guests in their native language at any stage of the reservation process
  • quickly apply different customised promotions for specific periods for various guests/guest groups
  • guarantee the bookings in different ways provided by the system with no extra effort
  • facilitate payment by offering a range of online payment methods
  • display details of your hotel rooms in 25 different languages
Increase your revenue with Reseliva booking engine

Boost revenue with Reseliva booking engine!

  • Sell rooms through your hotel website, as well as your hotel Facebook page and mobile website
  • Sell your rooms with different packages to cater for all guests' needs
  • Create promotions for trough periods to fill empty rooms
  • Sell extra services

  • The perfect solution for cutting out unnecessary costs!

  • Fewer reservation tasks – the system works automatically.
  • No translation fees – Reseliva booking engine sends automated emails and messages to guests in their native language.
  • No lost revenue for cancellations and no-shows – Reseliva booking engine offers different payment options so that these reservations are guaranteed.
  • No lost reservations– Reseliva booking engine can sends the hotel a reservation request when there is no availability on some of the requested dates, rather than rejecting the guest outright.
  • No need for you to invest in expensive payment security solutions (such as an SSL certificate) for your hotel website. Reseliva booking engine is encrypted and secured by 128-bit SSL.
Improve the Image of Your Hotel with Reseliva booking engine

Improve your hotel image with Reseliva booking engine

  • Turn your property's website into a modern, state-of-the-art booking system
  • Ask guests for feedback and publish comments on your website to improve your reputation
  • Promote your hotel using Reseliva booking engine on your social networking channels
  • Make booking convenient for your guests. Reseliva booking engine lets them book a room quickly and simply
  • Allow guests to book rooms in their native language
  • Host your guests with automatic emails and messages in their own languages from the first stage of the reservation to the end of their stays
  • Encourage guests to book by offering a choice of different room rates and conditions – making guests feel that your room is exactly the room they've been looking for!
  • Provide your clients with a range of secure payment options
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