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Thousands of hotels manage
their online reservations with Reseliva!

Reseliva booking engine enables you to receive direct online reservations through your property's
    Facebook page
    mobile website
Reseliva booking engine enables you to receive direct online bookings through your hotel website, Facebook page, and mobile website
A tried-and-trusted

Everything you need to turn your
hotel website into the perfect reservation tool!

  • Increase direct reservations

    Reseliva enhances your hotel website, encouraging visitors to book their rooms directly through your own website.

  • Increase your revenue

    Increase your sales through direct reservations, sell extra services, offer special discounts and promotions, share promotional codes on your social media platforms.

  • Build a guest database

    Reseliva enables you to build a guest database so that you can keep in contact with guests and encourage repeat bookings.

  • Pay less commission

    Reseliva allows you to grow your direct bookings, reducing the commission you pay to online booking sites and agencies.

  • Facilitate communication

    Reseliva features multilingual reservation screens, in addition your guests receive automatic emails and messages in their native languages.

  • Guarantee your reservations

    Reseliva offers a range of secure payment methods, allowing you to receive deposit or cancellation/no-show fees from guests.

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Reseliva booking engine enables you to receive direct online bookings through your hotel website, Facebook page, and mobile website

Receive direct reservations not only through your website but also
through your hotel Facebook page and mobile website, too!

Get direct online reservations on your hotel's Facebook page
Reseliva Facebook app lets you add Reseliva booking button to your Facebook page and enables you to sell rooms from this page at no extra cost.

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Free hotel mobile website

All properties that use Reseliva online booking engine receive a complimentary mobile website – absolutely free!

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Reseliva provides you with the maximum opportunity
to promote your business

Integrate your Reseliva booking engine into your TripAdvisor page
Reseliva offers free TripAdvisor integration, so that you can receive reservations from your TripAdvisor hotel page using TripConnect applications.

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  • Booking Engine

    on your hotel
    website, Facebook page, mobile website
  • 3% commission
    Only pay for realized reservations!

  •   No binding contract
  •   Free set-up
  •   No flat fee
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Channel manager integration

Reseliva booking engine, channel manager, Facebook app, mobile website, hotel website
You can also integrate Reseliva booking engine with Reseliva channel manager. This lets you manage all online reservations on a single screen – bookings from online travel agencies, your website, Facebook page and mobile website. Read more
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