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    Features & payment methods
  • How do I manage inventory, rates and reservations with Reseliva?Open or Close

    An online control panel allows you to manage all relevant information concerning your property, including inventory, rates and other settings.

    Your control panel is accessed with a personal log-in. Individual user profiles can be created for your personnel so that authorisation rights can be set for each member of staff.
    Reseliva naturally notifies you of all reservations, messages and other important updates by email, but it remains your full responsibility to check your control panel regularly for these updates.

  • Can I manually add offline reservations to my Reseliva booking engine system?Open or Close

    Yes, you can manually enter offline reservations to your Reseliva extranet. You will not be charged any commission for reservations that you enter via your property admin panel.

  • Do my guests pay me, or do you collect payment from guests on my behalf when they make their reservation?Open or Close

    We never collect any payments from your guests on your behalf. It remains the hotelier's full responsibility to collect all due payments from guests. Reseliva does not act as an intermediary between you and your guests in any way.

    You can choose several methods of payment:
    - online payment using your virtual POS or PayPal
    - credit card, using your POS device
    - payment by bank transfer

  • How can I process credit card payments online?Open or Close

    For your convenience, your booking engine can be connected to your virtual POS (please contact us concerning this service). Alternatively, you may prefer to process credit cards manually. If this is the case, credit card details will be encrypted and sent to you securely for the purpose of charging deposits, cancellations and no-show penalties.

  • I do not wish to accept credit cards as a means of payment. Can I still use Reseliva?Open or Close

    Yes. Reseliva offers guests the option of using a credit card, PayPal or bank transfer to guarantee their reservations. You can restrict this choice to PayPal or a bank transfer if you do not wish to accept credit cards.
    You are also able to accept non-guaranteed reservations, if you do not wish to accept either bank transfers or credit cards..

  • Can I charge credit cards online with Reseliva?Open or Close

    Since we are not a bank or a credit card processing company, we do not process credit cards online. However, we are able to configure your booking engine to allow online processing. In this case, your customer's credit card details will be submitted to your bank or credit card processing company so that payment can be processed online.

    We recommend that you firstly consider if you really need such a service. Many properties do not charge credit cards to guarantee reservations at the time of booking. They simply request the customer's card details when the reservation is made and use the card details to charge cancellation or no-show penalties at a later date if required. The card details can also be input manually into the credit card POS terminal to charge a deposit payment.

    Integrating the booking engine with the credit card processing company is only necessary when the property wishes to collect payments instantaneously when the reservation is being made. However, many properties only wish to benefit from the secure transmission of their guests' credit card details. In this case, this integration is unnecessary.

  • Does Reseliva guarantee reservations or verify credit cards?Open or Close

    Reseliva provides a multitude of online tools to assist you but does not act as an intermediary between you and your guests in any way. You are responsible for verifying reservations, communicating with your customers, charging credit cards and defining the policies by which reservations are guaranteed.

    Reseliva will check the authenticity of a credit card using the available methods, but is in no way responsible for guaranteeing its authenticity, ensuring the validity of a card or the presence of sufficient funds.

  • Can I connect Reseliva to my property management system (PMS)?Open or Close

    Yes. Please have a look at the list of the property management systems that are already connected to Reseliva. If your PMS is not listed, please contact your service provider concerning connection to Reseliva.

  • What are the benefits of connecting the booking engine with my PMS?Open or Close

    If you connect the booking engine with your PMS, all reservations received online via Reseliva booking engine will automatically be transferred to the PMS. In the same way, when you open up/close out rooms on your PMS, this information will be automatically transferred to Reseliva.

  • Is it possible to integrate my Reseliva online booking engine with the channel manager that I use?Open or Close

    Reseliva reservation engine is automatically integrated with Reseliva channel manager. For information about other channel managers, please contact us.

  • Does Reseliva offer any unique benefits to hotel groups that use the booking engine?Open or Close

    We can design a special booking engine for a group of hotels, which allows visitors to view all available accommodation within the group. This also brings administrative benefits because all hotels can be managed from a single account. Please contact us about our special offers for hotel groups.

  • Do you offer a website development service for hotels?Open or Close

    Yes, we offer a website development service to help member hotels improve their image and receive more bookings. We always aim to keep development costs to a minimum for hotels.

  • What are the advantages of Reseliva for my existing customers?Open or Close

    Reseliva provides a comprehensive solution to help you manage existing guests more effectively.
    You are able to use Reseliva to reward your most important guests, offering them exclusive rates and packages on your website, Facebook page, mobile website and TripAdvisor page.

    With their personal log-in details, guests can access their personal rates and packages and reserve these directly online. And because Reseliva can be customised for your individual requirements, you can give each guest the personal service that they deserve.

  • How does Reseliva help me attract new customers?Open or Close

    Reseliva is the perfect solution to encourage new customers to book your property.
    Why spend so much time and money on advertising and promotion, if your potential customers can't complete their booking online on your website?

    With today's demand for 'instant information', customers want to know what facilities you have available and how much they will cost – at the click of a mouse. Offering your customers the benefits of Reseliva allows them to make informed choices about your rooms and reserve your property instantly.
    Without online booking, potential customers might be lost to a competitor who offers this facility.

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