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Which solution is better for my website
Reseliva or 'free' booking buttons provided by online travel agencies?

Some hotelier prefer to use a free booking button of any travel platform on their hotel websites. In this regard we would like to briefly inform you of some issues about its disadvantages. For getting detailed information please contact the travel website which you deal with.

Reseliva booking engine
Online travel website reservation button

Reseliva Booking EngineNo extra commissions
Online travel website reservation buttonYou pay a very high commission for booking systems that appear to be free at first glance. How?

Hotel guest contact info
Reseliva Booking EngineGuest contact information belongs to you! Stay in contact with your guests.
Online travel website reservation buttonYou can lose loyal and frequent guests to the travel website. How?

Exclusive control
Reseliva Booking EngineThe booking engine system belongs to you and you have exclusive control!
Online travel website reservation buttonThe portal will support the guests unfairly. How?

Sales channel
Reseliva Booking EngineYou can divide your inventory between your website and the travel website. This allows you to increase the number of commission-free reservations from your hotel website.
Online travel website reservation buttonThe availability is not differentiated between the travel website and your website. You cannot limit the number of rooms you would like to sell on the travel website. How?

Sales management
Reseliva Booking EngineYou have exclusive control! How?
Online travel website reservation buttonEverything must be exactly the same as it is on the travel website.

Full flexibility
Reseliva Booking EngineYou can differentiate your sales policies to create the competitive advantages!
Online travel website reservation buttonYour sales policies will have to be the same as all of the hotels on the online travel website!

Differentiate your policies
Reseliva Booking EngineYou can guarantee reservations by setting different deposit, cancellation or no-show policies.
Online travel website reservation buttonThe standard policy of the travel website will be applied.

Sale of extra services
Reseliva Booking EngineYou can sell extra hotel services such as transfers, dinners, tours, extra beds, etc. on your hotel website.
Online travel website reservation buttonYou cannot sell extra services on your own website.

Reseliva Booking EngineReseliva can be integrated with sales channels and payment systems. How?
Online travel website reservation buttonOnline booking websites don't offer integration with other systems.

Reseliva Booking EngineYour property website reflects your identity and the image you project to your guests. Reseliva booking engine is an excellent way to support and improve your property's image.
Online travel website reservation buttonUsing a travel website booking button will negatively affect your property's image.
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