Onar Village
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Onar Village is situated on the outskirts of the Kyrenia mountain range, about five minutes drive from the city centre. Its unique, 180-degree panoramic view overlooks the Northern Cyprus Mediterranean coastline and the ancient town of Kyrenia.

A relaxing, refreshing ambience and traditional hospitality have made the Village a tranquil retreat for many guests, who return year after year to stay at Onar Village.
The Onar Village is located on the outskirts of Kyrenia, on the edge of the Kyrenia Mountains
Surroundings and Attractions
St. Hilarion Castle commands stunning views over Kyrenia, situated on the Kyrenia mountain range. Its is the best preserved ruin of the 3 castles in the Kyrenia mountains, the others being Kantara and Buffavento.

Kyrenia Castle dominates the old harbour and is the most completely preserved castle in Northern Cyprus. It is believed that the castle was built around 700 by the Byzantines (although there may have been a Roman structure before this) to protect Kyrenia and has since been occupied by the Lusignans, the Venetians, the Ottomans and the British. The castle is now a museum portraying the history of Kyrenia Castle and its various residents.

The picturesque Kyrenia Harbour and neighbouring castle has led to Kyrenia being called the “Jewel of Cyprus”. The harbour in Kyrenia is surrounded by restaurants and bars that have been developed from buildings that were once Venetian dwellings or carob warehouses. A walk through the back streets will reveal parts of the old city walls that at one time encompassed the town.
The Onar Village Restaurant and Bar serves excellent International and traditional Turkish Cypriot cuisine... al fresco on the terrace in the summer; and inside with the warmth and comfort of cosy log fires in the Winter. On special buffet evenings, our chefs prepare a delectable array of traditional Turkish appetizers and local specialities; succulent charhoal-grilled shish kebabs, or the distinctively flavoured tender lamb baked in a Village clay oven.
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