Nemrut Kervansaray
Additional Information
İt is aworld experience towatch the most striking view of sun set and the marvelous su rise among the mass stone statue -mounments where they are originally erected at 2209 m.high Nemrut Mountain.The sacret final resting place ,Hierothesion,built by King Antiochos 1 of Commagene Kingdom around which tributaries of the river EUPHRATES flow.
+Hotel is 65 Adıyaman Airport and 8 Nemrut Mountain
+The closest mansion to the world famous Nemrut Mountain.
+Traditional architectural style of stonebulding in the nestof nature with 20 rooms -46 beds
+Restaurant seving regional tastes of Turkish Cuisine,up to 70 guests
+ Swimming pol.
+ camping facilities for 20 tents and caravans.
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