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Abu Simble Tourist Antonio street       Abu Simble  / Egypt
Abu Simble
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Abu Simble lies south of Aswan on the western bank of Nasser Lake, 180 miles south of the High Dam in. The site was known as Meha in ancient times and was first documented in the 18th Dynasty, when Ay and Horemheb had rock-cut chapels hewn in the hills to the south.

Abu Simble is a nice, small and very quiet town. People who live in Abu Simble are very few and they all know each other. The people there are very good and kind, some of them are Nubian and they have special traditions, and a magnificent folklore.

All the people there, either work in tourism or fishing from Nasser Lake on the bank of which lies the Abu Simble Temples. The weather there in the summer is hot and in the winter it is very nice and healthy.

In the early morning when you see the sunrise in Abu Simble you will feel that it is like the first time that you have seen a sunrise and also the same with the sunset, as they are truly beautiful.
On the 22nd of October and 22nd of February there is the “festival of sunrise” this is when the sun goes inside the Temple and shines upon the face of King Ramses II statue in the utter darkness of the temple interior.
When you see the Temples you can imagine how great it was, back in the time when they were first built.

At night you can see the sound and light show in the Temples which is wonderful. You can walk at night beside the lake and see the light of the moon on the surface of the water which is spectacular, In the early morning, you will be able to see very rare birds around the lake.

At sunset time, if you walk very near to the lake you can see the heads of crocodiles, which the surrounding mountains and desert look very beautiful reflecting in the water.

The fish that swim in the lake are very delicious because they are caught fresh and live very naturally in the lake.

Abu Simble is very beautiful, with great history, so three or four nights stay is worth considering, to take in all the views.

Arrival by Car
The first convoy leaves at 4 am, arrives in Abu Simbel at 7 am, leaves at 9 am and is back at about 12.30.
The first convoy is used by almost all Nile Cruise tourists - therefore the temples are much more crowded in the morning.
Arrival by Public Transport
The second convoy leaves at 11 am, arrives in Abu Simbel at 2 pm, leaves at 4 pm and will be back at about 7.30 p.m.
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