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With the combination of historic and cultural atmosphere, the warm color contrasts with the elegant furniture and the luster light fittings, Vintage Eleven offers a nostalgic high standard and private accommodation for travelers and families.

Melaka, having the history of being one of the most important ports connecting various traders from the eastern and western world during the 15th century, was enriched with multiple cultures such as that of Malay, Chinese, Indians, Javanese, Arabs, Burmese and etc. These culture fusions were further enhanced with the colonization of Portuguese and Dutch in 1511 and 1641. Such fusions have become the spirit and the uniqueness of Melaka. Vintage Eleven strives to reawaken this spirit without losing its original soul.
The Vintage Eleven features a modern classic living hall with a stunning chandelier light hang above the hall which brings extravagant luxury dripping with vintage glamour. A sophisticated salt chlorinator infinity pool with air blower and Jacuzzi massage jets. A resting area creating a feeling of intimate conviviality with a 13ft’ wall art depicting Jalan Tokong, from the river side of Jonker Street. This art piece is an innovative art done by one of the Vintage Eleven directors. It took approximately 75 hours to complete this masterpiece and it is all made of recycled and vintage materials. The purpose is to convey a message to stimulate awareness to live a more environmental friendly lifestyle. Escaping to the man-made mezzanine backyard surrounding by morning glories, it is specially designed by the Vintage Eleven group for their guests and it also serves as a romantic spot for couples. The original 19th century spiral stair architecture that it’s hard to take your eyes off it. The upper level, showcasing traditional Peranakan Baba Nyonya culture, Baba antique water basin and walkway tiles, original historic room windows which symbolize Vintage Eleven logo. A total of two rooms which generous in size with ample dimensions as well as the solid wood-merbau floor. LED TVs with Astro channels and a Peranakan kitchenette which provides a basic cooking facility.
Vintage Eleven’s strategic location makes exploring Melaka and moving around a lot easier. The guesthouse is strategically located on the heart of Jonker Street with many local shopping and eateries within walking distance. The famous Hard Rock café, Chicken rice balls restaurants, Stadthuys (The Red House) for instance, are just few minutes away from the guesthouse.
Check-in: 26.03.2019 » Check-out: 27.03.2019 (1 Noite)
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