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2 Bedroom Villa

At most 6 People can stay
Balcony Bathroom with shower Bathroom with window Breakfast area Equipped kitchen
Each of our 2 bedroom Villa can comfortably accommodate 6 persons. In each bedroom there is 3 single beds, with enough space for the comfort of our guests.
The Villa has an individual bathroom each, equipped with water heater. Our kitchen in the Villa is equipped with cooking utensils, so preparing a simple meal or breakfast is definitely convenient. An outdoor outing is never complete without a BBQ. Enjoy your evening with groups of family and friends with the aroma of burning charcoal at your very own private BBQ pit. To get away from the busy pace of city life, bask yourself in the serene and peaceful environment around the Villa. Just outside the Villa, head to our Mt Kinabalu Viewing Deck and you can enjoy the stunning view of the majestic Mt Kinabalu.
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Check In: 30.03.2020 » Check Out: 31.03.2020 (1 Night)
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