Ter Brugge Bed and Breakfast
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Visit Bruges and stay at the countryside. An unique location.
Ter Brugge Bed and breakfast is situated in a sathelite town of Bruges, between Bruges and Ostend.
We have 4 guestrooms for two persons. Each guestroom has a private bathroom, cable televison and free wireless internet. 2 guestrooms have an annex room for 2 or 3 children.
Easily accessible by car.
Deluxe Room
Spacious newly decorated guest rooms with double bed or two single beds with bathroom, bed linen and towels, continental breakfast, free parking, free internet access in all rooms, TV.

يمكن بأقصى حد أن يقيم 2 أشخاص
المساحة التقريبية للغرفة : 20 m2

بيانات الغرفة:
بشكير حمام, حمام بدش استحمام, تلفاز بكابل, مكتب, مرآة بالطول الكامل, مجفف شعر, درابزين فوطة ساخنة في الحمام, مرآة زينة, خطة لمخارج الطواريء, نوافذ قابلة للفتح, إنترنت لاسلكي, مطلة على الحديقة, مطلة على النهر

Family Room
The family room consists of three places. A spacious guest room newly decorated with a double bed or two single beds with bathroom (bath / shower, sink and toilet) and a room with bunk beds for one or two people. Linen and towels provided. Continental breakfast included, free parking, free internet access in all rooms and television.

يمكن بأقصى حد أن يقيم 4 أشخاص
المساحة التقريبية للغرفة : 40 m2

بيانات الغرفة:
حمام بحوض حمام, تلفاز بكابل, غرف متصلة ببعضها, مرآة بالطول الكامل, مجفف شعر, إمكانية الدخول على الإنترنت, مكواة بلوحة كي, مكواة لكي البنطلونات, مرآة زينة, إنترنت لاسلكي, مطلة على الحديقة, مطلة على النهر

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B&B - bedandbreakfast - guesthouse accomodation
Bruges guesthouse

Stationsstraat 119 - 8490 Jabbeke - West Flanders - Flanders - Belgium

10 km from Bruges
50 km from Ypres (Flanders Field - battle fields 1914)
10 km from the belgiancoast Ostend


If you are looking for a really lovely place to stay and for the chance to unwind in the peacefulness of the countryside, then is Bedandbreakfast Ter Brugge the place for you.

We extend a very warm welcome to you at our manor-house set on 3 lovely acres in the fields of the "polders" between Ostend en Bruges. (Only at 10 kilometers from each city).

Here you will find peace and quiet, pleasant company and generous hospitality. Whether you are looking for a short break, a long weekend, or even a week’s holiday, come to "Ter Brugge" and enjoy this truly special place.

The most beautiful trail for a walk or ride begins right on our doorstep. While you are here you can engage in cycling, walking or simply relaxing. Only 40 minutes cycling to Bruges of Ostend, or to the seaside (Ostend, Bredene, De Haan, Wenduine). With the car you are in +/- 15 minutes in Ostende and Bruges or at the Belgian coast-side.
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